How to order?

Before you  will place an order, please read this page till the end carefully.

1. Before ordering any goods, please read the technical specifications  of the goods and make sure it meets your requirements.
If you have any questions or suggestions – please write to  our sales or support service( see contacts information  at the bottom of this page)

Add  goods to cart and proceed to the checkout. Fill in all required fields on the checkout page. Make sure that you have correctly entered e-mail, shipping address, recipient’s name and other details. Do not forget to include your phone number  in  international format (in future it will be shown on the package .)
In the “additional information” you can describe  money order/ payment otions which you would like to use,as well as additional questions.

We will contact you as soon as possible.
If in the “additional information” field you didn’t specify any other questions, we will give you details for payment. If you have any questions, first we will try to give you complete answer, and only after you confirm your order you will get the details for payment.
Please note: within three working days  after you  receipt  your details  of payment, you should make money transfer, otherwise your order will be  canceled  and you will need to confirm it again.

When we have  received the money,  we will send the goods to the company of the carrier within 3 working days.  After that, we’ll  give you tracking number of package. Tracking is only possible if your country’s mail service provides tracking of mail on its website. Mail service of Kyrgyzpost does not provide tracking of small packages, so you’ll need to wait some time (usually 8-14 days) while package hits to the territory of  Europe,Russia or your country. After that you can track package online.,
If within 31 days of receipt of your tracking number or  shipping confirmation you have not received a parcel, by all means contact us at one of the email addresses at the bottom of this page.
Once you have received the ordered goods, please confirm receipt by e-mail .


Payment Options

Payment is accepted via this  payment transfer systems(logos are clickable):


If you have questions about payment – feel free to ask via email at the bottom of this page.

Delivery Options

Ususally we ship the goods via  Kyrgyzpost airmail (min.14- max.30 days ). If you want to get your goods faster than 30 days,  we can make  delivery via courier services such as EMS, Fedex, DHL-in this case, the cost of delivery is usually $40-55 for every 500 gramm of  weight.



1.Before shipping all goods are passed quality control.

2.If  something’s gone wrong  and you want a repair or replacement, we can offer you  next soultions:
  Most of the electronic components on PCB costs less than $10,  overvoltage and reverse polarity protection components costs less than 2$, so  it will be much cheaper and faster to replace it DIY or in local electronics repair workshop instead of shipping it back.
We always will help you  to repair goods remotely by giving you full instructions for diagnostic, checking electronics parts of the goods and how to repair it DIY.

If you can’t/ don’t want to repair it DIY or there is no local electonics repair service, you can send goods back.
In this case buyer pay for shipping  for both ways- from buyer to seller and from seller to buyer. Repairing and spare parts in this case a totally free.  But remember – shipping time by post in one way could be ~30 days.

3. Newest firmware and software updates  for all our customers alsolutely free.
In case of  non standard  installation or developing  new solution  we will provide  personal firmware and software for free.

Return and Refund
If you  didnt receive the  goods within 30 days after you get track#, you should write email to our support service.
In this case we will make official request to search the package. Next we will wait for answer from  main post office ( typically 14-45 days) .  Answer from  the main post  could be  :
1. “Package on the way” . In this case  we waitig while you will receive it.
2. “Package is lost” . In this case we  can make a refund ( goods cost+ shipping cost)  or send goods once again- as you wish.

If you received a goods and dont like how it works or it doesen’t work poperly, you can return it back within one month since you received it. In this case you should write email to our support service and describe  your situationReturning goods should be in working not damaged condition, buyer pays for shipping in both ways – from seller to buyer and from buyer to seller.
After we will receive the goods we will return costs of the goods  ( shipping cost not included)  via some of the payment systems descrived above.

Cancell an order
You can cancell an order  within  3 days after you place it.
After 3 days we will ship goods to you and you can’t cancell an order, in this case you can return goods only after  you will receive it as described above.

Privacy Policy
We don’t collect  your credit card  data or other payment systems information.
On our side we collect only  order and shipping details.

Contact us

If you have any questions, or incorrectly functioning shopping online and you can not make an order, write a letter to one of these addresses

Issues of sales, payment, delivery and ordering

Technical Support

Phone/WhatsApp: +996559551129